Dealing With Offers

We have taken the steps to properly price and attractively market your house. I have coordinated with other agents a time to view your house that fits your schedule and, having found your home attractive, these agents present us with offers from their credible buyers. These are formal offers with pricing, terms and conditions that we will have the ability to accept, or counter-offer in order to achieve, for you, the best deal possible.

It sounds simple but this is a nuanced process to determine a legally binding contract that must be carefully reviewed and negotiated. Other than the price the buyer is proposing to pay, which may or may not be the same as your listing price, an offer will include other details, such as the requested closing date, and may also include one or more conditions, such as “conditional on the property passing a home inspection” and “subject to review of Real Property Report and City zoning.”

Precedent has shown that these are among the many potential problems that might prevent your deal from closing. As your Realtor it is my job to handle these problems and find you solutions. I’ll take care of all the details and protect your interests as if they are my own.

For example, I will:

  • Review the offer with you and explain everything clearly
  • Give you my professional assessment as to the quality of the offer. I’ll highlight my concerns and offer solutions
  • Advise you on whether to accept the offer, reject the offer, or make a counter-offer
  • Taking your direction, will advocate a contract on your behalf
  • Prepare a counter-offer, if necessary, that gets you a better deal, without pushing the buyer away
  • Prepare and transfer all the necessary documents, and work closely with the buyer and his or her agent, to make sure the transaction is done to industry standards
  • Work together with your Lawyer to settle legal interests
  • Communicate with you throughout the entire process. You are the decision maker, I am the facilitator

As you can see, Dealing with offers is what Realtors like myself are paid to do, but keep in mind I will offer my advice and follow your instruction because this is your house to sell and I truly want you to be happy with the results.

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