Closing The Sale

Along with helping clients buy their dream home, there are few things I enjoy more than telling a happy client that their home is officially sold. That means I have found them a qualified buyer, and negotiated for them a great deal. As your Realtor this is how I earn my commission and also exactly why I joined the industry.

As you celebrate I will continue to work to ensure the deal is finalized smoothly. I’ll take care of any conditions on the offer to buy your property, such as securing Title documents, Real Property Reports, or Title Insurance. I’ll also facilitate home inspections and work with your Lawyer to settle your legal interests.

I’ll also be there for you, as your real estate expert, up to the day you move and beyond. I can provide you with the names of recommended lawyers, contractors, and movers from my network of reputable professionals and companies in the Edmonton Area.

My goal from day one was to determine your goals and help you sell confidently. It all started by getting to know each other and a thorough home evaluation and now the process has all paid off.

To learn more about the selling process please submit the form below or call or email me to schedule a no-obligation Personal Consultation.

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